Quotes & Booking Features

Once you generate your quotations and add any marketing material you wish, the quote will be sent via email to your prospect and stored so you can never lose track of an opportunity. This feature is great for commercial cleaning companies or to help you gain that big regular clean contract.

If you don’t hear back from your prospects after sending the quotation, you can send a reminder email with one click of a button, and this way they will feel less pestered from continuous phone calls. This function will increase your close ratio. Your dashboard will also have a reminder of how many quotes are still outstanding.

You can select any quotation and turn your prospect into a customer with ease. We understand that your current or potential customers have a set process which is why you can replicate the same process within our software or create multiple variations for each customer.

We know that the ideal customer has a regular cleaning pattern, but you will also have one-off bookings. The system allows you to turn that one-off booking into a regular customer in whatever pattern you wish. Invoices will be sent automatically, and payment can be taken from inside the system.

If you have existing customers that have a set pattern, not a problem, our system will allow you to replicate the frequency, invoice sending, and many more. Any new customer that wishes to have a regular pattern can be created in the same way.

There are many variables for each customer and each cleaning company. The system allows you to set the frequency of the bookings, create send and calculate invoices automatically, add cleaners or teams, change the schedule if needed, pause and cancel bookings, take debit or credit card payments, and many more.

Commonly asked questions?

My customers pattern is not regular, how can the system automate this?

We have a custom date range option when adding your customer and you can select any number of days within this period the system will remember these days. You can also edit the customer at any point to change the frequency very easily. This function would suit holiday lets mainly as the pattern can be very irregular.

Can I have the option not to send emails, invoices etc?

Yes, you can just tick a box and no email automation will be sent to your clients. We added this option in case you want to continue using your current process.

My customers pay in cash or by bank transfer, does the system recognise this?

There are three ways to tell the system that a job has been paid. You can select Cash, Bank, or take debit or credit card payments securely using our Stripe Integration with step-by-step instructions.

Can I add my own marketing material to the quote?

Yes, you can attach any document or file you wish and send the written quotation from inside the system.

I don't send quotes at the moment, what is this feature?

This is a great feature for any commercial cleaning company that wants to secure a large contract or maybe the modern cleaning company that understands the power of inbound marketing. Don't be the same, be different.

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