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No matter if your staff is employed, self-employed, or sub-contractors, you can set the rules and the payroll will run automatically and be accurate every time.

If your customers pay on the day of the clean or at set intervals our Bizzy bees will take care of the automation.

You can set the frequency of the invoicing, change the frequency, create an instant invoice and many more options to ensure you don’t waste your time creating them manually.

If you have contract customers or customers who tally up debt and don’t pay, our system will allow you to send reminders to recover your funds.

The most affordable advanced software for cleaning companies

Commonly asked questions?

Does the system have to send an invoice?

No, this option is optional.

How does the system know how much to charge the customer each time?

When adding each customer it will ask how they pay you, either per hour or per job. The system will then remember these rules for this customer. These can be edited at any time.

What are the payment option for my customer?

Customers can be charged on the day of the cleaning or invoices can be sent automatically at any chosen date and pattern.

My customer has not paid, can the system help?

Yes, you can send non-payers reminder emails to try and recover your funds.

What are the payment options for each cleaner?

You can either pay per hour, per job, or a profit share. This rule can be set for each cleaner or cleaner within a team and the system will remember each rule.

I pay my staff cash is this an issue?

No, we understand that every cleaning company is different. We work out the gross wages for that cleaner within that period. You way you pay your cleaners is your choice.

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