Features & Benefits

All quotations are automatically sent to your prospect at a click ofa button.

If your prospects take their time getting back to you, send them a nudge by sending reminder emails.

Send text message reminders to your customers and also text your cleaners & teams from inside your dashboard.

No doubt, you need a way to contact anyone of your time in a heartbeat. Our system allows you to contact individual cleaners or their team leaders for any reason at all.

Send customers emails from easy popups within our software with ease.

We offer video tutorials on how to exactly advertise your business on Google, Facebook, or any other platforms to ensure sustainable growth.

Commonly asked questions?

Can you text customers and cleaners?

yes, you can text your customers and also your cleaners from the system using our great text integration tool.

Do you have to send automatic emails?

No, if you currently send your literature, you can simply tick the box when adding the customer and no emails will ever go out.

What are task reminders?

Task reminders are a great way to keep a note of something that may be important for you to remember

What is nurture quotes?

You can send your prospects a little nudge by sending an update quote email.

I don't send quotes at the moment, what is this feature?

This is a great feature for any commercial cleaning company that wants to secure a large contract or maybe the modern cleaning company that understands the power of inbound marketing. Don't be the same, be different.

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