The most affordable advanced software for cleaning companies

I live in the U.S will this software work for me and my company?

Yes, if you live in the U.S.A you can operate the software.

Will this work for both domestic and commercial cleaning companies?

Yes, our software is designed for any type of cleaning company regardless of what you clean.

How long is the free trial?

The free trial is for 14 days.

How much is it a month after the trial?

It is £19.99 per month.

How do I get access to the app?

Once you sign up, you will receive three emails. The first one gives you access to your account, the second one will give you access to your App and the third one is confirmation of your free trial. Please check all folders for three emails.

Where are the video tutorials?

Once you log in to your dashboard, the video tutorials can be found by clicking the top right tab on your dashboard.

Can I have help to set-up the software?

Certainly, we have a UK support team who are very happy to help you over a phone call. Please talk to the live chat to request a 30-minute call.

Can I add my existing customers, cleaners & schedules?

Yes, it's very easy to add your existing customers, cleaners and schedules.

Can I send text to my cleaners and customer's?


Do I have to use all the features?

No, you can use some or all of the features as it's suitable for all types of cleaning companies.

What does BETA mode mean?

Our current version is fully operational and can be used straight away. As we are introducing a mobile app that you can download from each mobile app store, so we consider it in BETA due to this. Your cleaners can still log in through their mobile phones using their web browser until January 2023. We are also introducing even more new features every week in December at the request of our initial subscribers. Our chat is open 24/7 if you have any more questions regarding this.

Can I upload my existing customers and cleaners?

Yes, you can upload your existing customers and cleaners in one file.

How many of my cleaners can access the platform?

You can have unlimited cleaners added to the platform for £19.99 per month if you join before December 31st.

Why do you need my payment card for a free trial?

We need your card details to ensure your account does not switch off after the 14 days' free trial. If you cancel during your free trial your card will not be charged.

If I cancel before the free trial ends will the first monthly payment be stopped?

Yes, no payment will be taken after the free trial

Do you offer help to set it up if I am stuck?

We have a huge library of videos that will hold your hand eery step of the way.

Can I take card payments using the software?

Yes, you can connect your existing bank account up to card merchant services through our software.

If I want any features added, is this possible?

Yes, we always listen to our customers and bring out new features almost daily.

Is this a contract?

This is not a contract. Either monthly payments or a discounted yearly subscription fee..

Is my data shared?

No, your data is not shared. Your data will also be fully removed from your system automatically if you ever wish to leave the platform. Being a UK company ourselves, we understand the importance of data protection.

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