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Take one-off customer booking, set the rules and the system will automate the rest. Our system will also try and turn one-off customers into regular customers.

Regular customers are not a problem, our software can allow you to set the rules and automate the invoicing, scheduling, cleaning patterns and allow you to and remove cleaners and teams in a click of a button.

Once you set the scheduling once you never have to do it again unless it changes and you can edit the schedule in an instant if ever needed.

Cleaners have their own login and can set their schedule,, report in sick, check if a schedule changes and see their own schedule set by you. Each schedule is private and not seen by other cleaners or teams.

Automation is great but it is never a perfect world. You can adjust time slots, the length of clean, pause jobs, cancel jobs, and add or change cleaners and team leaders on the fly, making this a very flexible system.

Sometimes your regular cleans are not on the same day or week but are always regular. Not a problem, you can even regulate your automated scheduling.

Commonly asked questions?

Do the cleaners have a login so they can see their schedule on the go?

Yes, each cleaner gets allocated their password and can view their schedule by logging in from their mobile phone or their desktop computer at home.

Can all cleaners see everyone's schedule?

No, each cleaner can only see their schedule and we know how important this is for our subscribers.

I have loads of cleaners is this an issue?

No, you can add as many cleaners as you wish and everyone will have their logins.

Can I leave notes to each cleaner regarding the job?

Yes, you can go into the cleaner's profile and add a note which will be sent by text message to your cleaner.

How can a cleaner let me know if the job is complete so I can take payment?

The cleaner can log in to their account from inside the customer's house and click the "Completed Job" button this will alert the system that the job is complete and if you wish send an instant invoice so your customers have something in writing if required.

If a job cancels how does the cleaner know?

The diary is dynamic, if you change anything inside the dashboard the cleaner is aware straight away.

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